Funded Projects

A.Projects Running

A1. European Research Projects
  • EU NoE NANOFUNCTION Contract No  257375,  “Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS”, 1/9/2010-1/9/2013 (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU CSA NANO-TEC Contract No  257964, “Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS”, 1/9/2010-18/2/2013 (A. G. Nassiopoulou)

B.Project History

B1 European Research Projects
  • EU FP7 ENIAC JU SE2A  Contract No 120009,  “Nanoelectronics forSale, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions” 1/1/2009-31/12/2011 (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP7 NANOSIL Contract No 216171, “Silicon based Nanostructures and nanodevices for long term nanoelectronics applications”, 1/1/2008-30/12/2010 (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP6 ANNA (IST-I3) - Contract No 026134,“European Integrated Activity of Excellence and Networking for Nano and Micro-Electronic Analysis”,1/12/2006-1/12/2010, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP6 MARIE-CURIE   re-integration grant (FP6)  -  Contract  No  016142 “Convergence of Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and High Frequency RF engineering    (CMNHFRF)” 29/7/2005-28/7/2007, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU IP-IST-FP6, GOOD-FOOD,  Contract No 508774, “Food Safety and Quality Monitoring with Microsystems”, 1/1/2004-30/6/2007, (C. Tsamis, A. G.Nassiopoulou)
  • EU NoE-IST-FP6 MINA-EAST, Contract No 510470, “Micro and Nanotechnologies going toEastern Europethrough Networking” 1/5/2004-30/4/2006, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU NoE-IST-FP6 SINANO Contract No 506844, “Silicon based Nanodevices”, 1/1/2004-31/12/2006, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP5 IST FET ESCHER,  Contract Nο 33287,“Self-assembled building blocks for nanocomputers”
  • 1/1/02-31/12/04, (A. G.  Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP5 IST FORUM-FIB  Contract Nο 29573, “Fabrication,  organization  and  use  of  memories  obtained by FIB”, 1/7/2001 – 30/6/2004, (A. G.  Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP5 GROWTH SAFEGAS, Contract Nο G1RD-1999-00167,  “Sensor   array   for   fast   explosion   proof   gas   monitoring”, 1/1/01-30/6/04, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP4 ESPRIT-MELARI, SMILE, “Silicon Modules for Integrated Light Engineering”, 1998-2000
  • (A.G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP3 ESPRIT-INCO, PST-SENSORS No 950507, “Integrated gas flow & gas sensors by using porous silicon micromachining”, 1996-99, (Project Leader for EU:  A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU FP3 ESPRIT-BRA EOLIS No 7228, “Emission of Light in Silicon”, 1992-1995, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • EU-FP6-Human Capital and Moblity action,“Microelectronics Technology of silicon detectors and micromachining” 1999-2001, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
B2 European Networks of Excellence and Platforms
  • “Phantoms Network of Excellence in the field of Physics and Technology of Mesoscopic Systems”
  • “NEXUS Network of Excellence in Microsystem Technology”
B3 . Contracts with Industry
  • Contract with the company ST Microelectronics SA,France, “Microporous silicon and porous alumina grown electrochemically on silicon substrates applied to the fabrication of passive components and nanoelectronic devices”, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Contract with the company UNILEVERU.K., “Flow system for Unilever”, 1/12/2005 - 31/5/2007, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Agreement with the company Thalis  Sensors S.A. for the “Commercialization of Microsystems - development of a mass flow sensor” 9/10/2001 – 31/12/2001,  (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Contract with the company ZEUS, Carterbench S.A.,U.K., “Development of an integrated thermopile”, 1/1-31/3/2000,   (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
 B4.  National Projects
  • GSRT- PENED-03ED579, Research Project, “Macroporous silicon and anodic porous alumina on silicon for integrated RF components and nanoelectronics” 15/7/2005-14/7/2008, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Funding of Institute Excellence, “A Centre of excellence in Micro and Nanotechnologies at IMEL”, 1/4/02 - 31/3/06, (A. G. Nassiopoulou, Institute Director)
  • Funding of Institute Excellence, “IMEL: A Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnologies” at IMEL ”, 1/12/2005 - 30/6/08 (A. G. Nassiopoulou, Institute Director)
  • GSRT AKMON  program – Institute funding,  “Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Microsystems”, 1/3/06 - 30/6/2008, (A. G. Nassiopoulou,  Institute Director)
  • GSRT EPET II, Project: “Microelectronics Technology of silicon detectors and micromachining”, 1999-2001’(A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT EPET II, Project: “Microelectronics Network with emphasis on integrated circuits, sensors, detectors and nanoelectronic devices”, 1999-2001, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT EPET II, Project “Development and applications of high Tc superconductors” 1995-1998, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT EPET II, “Giant magnetoresistance sensors for use in magnetic field mapping”, 1995-1997, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT EPET II, “Development of printing circuit technology on thin and flexible dielectric substrates for microwave devices of filters and antennas”, 1995-1997, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Ministry of Education, ΕΠΕΑΕΚ  “Programme of postgraduate and PhDs students in Microelectronics” 1998-2000, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Ministry of Education, ΕΠΕΑΕΚ, “Interuniversity specialization in VLSI design and Microsystems”, 1998-2000, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
B5. Bilateral projects
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Romania),“Drug delivery system based on microreservoirs array with  porous silicon resorbable membrane caps", 1/2/2006-31/3/2008, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Tunisia), “Optical non-volatile memory using Si nanocrystals", 19/7/2006- 19/7/2008, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Italy), “Gas sensors using nanostructured materials - (ΝANOSENS)”, 2002 – 2004, (A. G. Nasssiopoulou) GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Ukraine), “New polymeric materials for micromachining and microsystems (POLYMERS)”, 2002 – 2004,  (A. G.  Nasssiopoulou)
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Hungary) “Materials and Micro-mechanical structures for integrated gas sensors", 1999-2001, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Italy),“Light emitting diodes based on nanocrystalline silicon" 1999-2000, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • GSRT Bilateral project (Greece-Yugoslavia), “New processes for sub-micron C-MOS and Sensors. Implementation and testing", 1998 – 1999, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)
  • Project funded by the Research agency of Cyprus, “Towards a safe hydrogen production: Photothermal analysis at the limits of parts per trillion”, 1/7/2004 – 30/6/2006, (A. G. Nassiopoulou)