Publications - 2013

Publications in refereed journals
  1. Hourdakis E., Nassiopoulou A.G., "Thermoelectric generator using porous Si thermal isolation", Sensors, 13, 13596-13608, 2013 pdf-icon1
  2. Leontis I., Othonos A., Nassiopoulou A.G., "Structure, morphology, and photoluminescence of porous Si nanowires: effect of different chemical treatments", Nanoscale Research Letters, 8:383, 2013 pdf-icon1
  3. Valalaki K., Nassiopoulou A.G., "Low thermal conductivity porous Si at cryogenic temperatures for cooling applications", J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., vol 46, 9 pp, 2013 pdf-icon1
  4. Sarafis, P., Hourdakis, E., Nassiopoulou, A.G., “Dielectric Permittivity of Porous Si for Use as Substrate Material in Si-Integrated RF Devices”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 60, no. 4, pp. 1436–1443, Apr. 2013. pdf-icon1
  5. Michelakaki, E., Valalaki, K., G. Nassiopoulou, A., “Mesoscopic Ni particles and nanowires by pulsed electrodeposition into porous Si”, Journal of Nanoparticle Research 15 (4) , pp. 1-9 (2013) pdf-icon1
  6. Gianneta V., Olziersky A., Nassiopoulou A.G., “Si nanopatterning by reactive ion etching through an on-chip self-assembled porous anodic alumina mask”, Nanoscale Research Letters vol. 8, Issue 71, 2013 pdf-icon1
  7. Sarafis P., Hourdakis E., Nassiopoulou A.G., Roda Neve C. , Ben Ali K., Raskin J.-P., "Advanced Si-based substrates for RF passive integration: Comparison between local porous Si layer technology and trap-rich high resistivity Si", Solid-State Electronics, Volume 87, September 2013, Pages 27-33, doi:10.1016/j.sse.2013.04.026. pdf-icon1


Conference Proceedings
  1. Sarafis, P., Hourdakis, E., Nassiopoulou, A.G., “Porous Si dielectric parameter extraction for use in RF passive device integration: Measurements and simulations”, Proceedings of the European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), pp. 99-102, Bucharest, 16-20 Sept. 2013 pdf-icon1
  2. Nassiopoulou, A.G.; Hourdakis, E.; Sarafis, P.; Ferrari, P.; Issa, H.; Raskin, J.-P.; Roda Neve, C.; Ben Ali, K., "Porous Si as a substrate material for RF passive integration, 14th International Conference on " Ultimate Integration on Silicon" (ULIS 2013), 19-21 March 2013, Paper referenced in Xplore, pp.89,93, doi: 10.1109/ULIS.2013.6523498 pdf-icon1


Presentations in Conferences – Invited talk